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What is Anaerobic Endurance?

Anaerobic Endurance consists of lower volume & higher intensity training for runners & multi-sport athletes coupled with Crossfit training.   We know that running is both a teachable and learnable skill. Pose running can shave minutes or even hours off of your times and will add years to your running career by saving your soft tissue and preventing injuries.

If you’re a runner or multi-sport athlete who’s serious about your sport, it is very likely that your core strength is lacking, and outside of cardiovascular and/or respiratory endurance you’re probably deficient in every other aspect of fitness. Training with IoTA Endurance can make you faster and more efficient as well as transform you into a more powerful multi-dimensional athlete. Does it work? Read what Olympic athletes, Ironman competitors, and marathon runners have to say here.

 IoTA Endurance is designed to be a one-on-one and small group (2-5) coaching environment.  We will construct a specific program for you, that will help you train for your event and meet your specific goals.  This is a great choice when you want to address things about your health and fitness that are specific, unique and personal. Our job is to help facilitate YOUR listening, thinking, learning, being aware and being responsible about the choices and opportunities that are in front of you. We are committed to help you maintain your focus and commitment to the program.  YOU are ultimately responsible for your results. YOU have the power to have whatever body, fitness, health, and vitality you want!

We will focus on movement techniques and skills, physical conditioning, the development of an individual workout cycle and program that fits your schedule, eating habits, and self-discipline.  I want you to have and gain the knowledge, experience, and confidence necessary to have the life you want.

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