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(April 28) Stacey F. posted this on Facebook – “feels AWESOME after my running lesson this week. Thanks Paul!”

(April 19)“I’m getting excited for what this week will bring. Thanks for all your coaching and help. In the short time we have trained, I have felt a huge improvement in my lungs. My lungs used to burn every time I ran. Now, even though I may breathe hard, my lungs don’t hurt. One other thing I noticed yesterday when I ran (during an 8 mile run), at first my breathing was kinda hard, but by the time I hit 2 miles, I noticed that my breathing had quieted down, was consistent and good. I was able to carry on a conversation throughout the entire run. For me, that’s a big deal…so thanks!” – Stacey B. (6 days before her half marathon)

(April 17) “Wahoo wahoo! You and CrossFit are totally amazing… so I ran the half today and I beat my last year time of 1:56 and did it in 1:50. Woo! But I am hurtin but isn’t that something else. Another testimony of the truly awesome people of CrossFit! See you soon.” – Jen Frost after completing a half marathon

(April 7)  I’d like to thank you for all you have done for me.  You are a fantastic, natural born coach.  You have helped me tap into an intensity that I didn’t know was possible.  Not only has my running improved but I continue to PR in our daily Crossfit workouts.  Thank you always pushing me and for knowing that I am stronger and faster than I think.  Thanks for everything.  Like I said, you are a great coach and a wonderful friend. – Amy C

(March 25)Thanks for thoroughly kicking my ARS today!  I really wouldn’t push myself that hard without you there – don’t give up on me, hopefully one day I’ll get that hip and kick thing under control. – Jodi B. (e-mailed just after a workout)

(March 24) That was awesome.  Thanks for pushing me!  I needed it. – Tami M (sent in a text after a grueling workout)

(March 21) I completely agree… I have only been working with you for a few weeks, but it is so motivating to come and have someone to help me get better, and push me when I think I can’t push anymore! Thanks for everything Paul!! – Ashton B posted this comment in response to an article I wrote about why you need a coach.

(March 15th) 6 weeks ago, I tried to run 5 miles. I could only run 2.5, then walk /run the other 2.5. It took me 58 min. Saturday, I ran the whole 5, no walking, in 44 min. I was pretty proud of myself.(March 5th) “Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for kicking my trash Wednesday…I am sooo sore and I feel great. I know I’m not running yet but I definitely feel like there is a change in how running feels. And even though my lungs felt like they were about to burst….my legs weren’t tired at all. (at least during and right after the run) I think that is the first time in my life that I ran at full effort, at least without being chased. lol.” Stacey B.

(Jan. 2010) “So I’m happy to report I lived though my run today. Thanks for all your help. I’m really glad I did it, it was really fun and I’d do it again.” – Julie Streeter after completing a half marathon

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