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The following training program is available for $50 a month (i.e. per four training sessions) and you can contact us to arrange your first meeting.  If you are a member of CrossFit IoTA this service is included in your monthly fee.  Please talk to one of the coaches about adding this to your training schedule.

Endurance Training & Running Fundamentals – During your training we will cover the basics of running.  Week one we will hold a one-on-one, 60-90 min training session where we will video tape you running (you will complete a 1 mile time trial), discuss the fundamentals of proper running form and technique, and then we will break down your tape.  After the first session we will then meet weekly.  These weekly meeting will include skill and drill work, a workout to implement and practice what you are learning, videotaping as needed, breaking down your tape, and discussing the best ways to help you to continue working on meeting your goals and progressing.  We will also discuss a specific training plan based on the event you are training for, so that you can meet your specific training goals.  We recommend that you track nutrition, hydration, sleep and your other workouts, as there are items that we can also discuss and will play an important role in your progression.  We will provide you with encouragement, assistance in staying on your program, and an endurance training program that will be  tailored specifically to meet your goals and/or competitive endeavors.

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