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Why do you run?

October 26, 2010

10-25-10 Endurance WOD

October 25, 2010

3+ Hours before or after Strength & Conditioning WOD

Choose One Of The Following Sports:

Do 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest x Distance Until Completion. Complete stop/rest on the 10 second rest period.

Swim: 800m

Bike: 5 miles

Run: 2 miles

C2: 3K


October 22, 2010

BURPEES for SANTA at CrossFit IoTA

Even though Christmas is nine weeks away, many people won’t have a Christmas unless we have individuals, groups, clubs and businesses willing to step forward to “adopt” them.  This year at CrossFit IoTA we will be contributing to our local SUB for SANTA here in Cache Valley and will be adopting a family.

This is something that is completely voluntary and if you would like to participate, please do.  The BURPEES for SANTA challenge will begin tomorrow at our box!!  Each day we will be doing Burpees after the WOD, starting tomorrow with 1 and ending with 50.  For each day we would ask that you drop one penny for each burpee you do into the BURPEES for SANTA jar.

So day one, you do one burpee after the WOD, grab a penny from your car and drop it in.  Day two, two Burpees, two pennies and so on until we reach 50 on December 18th.  It’s that easy!  Then we will take the jar (or hopefully something bigger by that point) and convert all the loose change into manageable bills so that we can provide Christmas for a family in need. Anyone who would like to be on the shipping comite talk with Tami or Paul.

Why you shouldn’t drink diet soda.

October 21, 2010

Here is a reason not to drink diet soda.  This video also explains why we balance our meat with vegetables.

10-20-10 Endurance WOD – CrossFit Rest Day

October 20, 2010

This WOD should be done on your CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Rest Day.  TT stands for time trial and should be done at race pace.  You should be striving for a PR.

Bike:  12 mile TT

Run: 5k  TT

C2: 4k TT

Falling off the Wagon

October 19, 2010


The last week I have not been eating or hydrating as I know I should.  While I feel it’s easy to justify my behavior, insert any number of excuses here, and yes they are just excuses, I need to make a better effort to get my eating and hydration back where it needs to be.

Whether your doing Paleo, zone, a mix of the two, or something you have dialed in yourself, all it takes is ONE meal to get back on board. Don’t beat yourself up if this happens to you. Don’t fall in the trap of “I need my break” or “this is too hard”, “I want sugar/candy/etc”. Just start with one meal and then keep it going.  Worried what your children and family will do or eat, they will follow your lead – what are you leading them to?

It’s just like a WOD, it’s tough but you can do it.  Use your time wisely.  Plan and make the necessary preparations (this starts at the grocerie store people) to succeed!  Be the best you can be and don’t beat yourself up over things you simply can’t change.  Change what you can and let the rest go.

10-18-10 Endurance WOD

October 18, 2010

3+ Hours before or after Strength & Conditioning WOD

5000m Row on the C2, damper is your choice.

Coach Paul – 18:18

A look at my 5k row split times..can you tell I considered giving in after 2k.