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Getting Started

If you are not a member of a CrossFit gym and you are interested in the endurance training, then you will need join one.  There are three in Cache Valley. CrossFit IoTA in Smithfield, CrossFit UAC in North Logan and CrossFit Cache Valley in Logan.  Wondering what CrossFit is, click here

If you are not a member of a CrossFit gym and you are interested in the running fundamentals, then contact us to set up an appointment to discuss running technique.

If you are a member of a CrossFit gym then you are ready for your assessment test. We require this assessment to ensure that you know what adding Anaerobic Endurance training will add to your fitness training, that you possess the midline stability needed for this additional training and are familiar with functional movements that we will work on and discuss during our training sessions. At your assessment, you will be required to run a 1 mile time trial. I will video tape your run and then we will discuss proper running technique and break down your video. 

This assessment will allow us to determine your baseline level of fitness, so that we know where you are at in your training and how we can best customize an endurance training program to best suit your needs and abilities.  You should expect that gradual progress in achieving your goals is the norm.  Our bodies adjust to physical stresses slowly and it’s important, therefore, that you remain patient during the entire process and expect results over an extended period.  The keywords in physical training are patience, consistency, and more patience!

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