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Endurance WOD’s are BACK!!

February 15, 2011

With Spring on our door step, the desire to get out and run, bike and do other fun activities that so many of us enjoy is starting to grow… Spring fever any one?  A few (six) of the athletes from CrossFit IoTA got bit by the fever last Saturday and opened our cycling season with a 40 mile bike ride through Richmond, Lewiston, Trenton, Franklin & Cove.  Jerry and John have been seen riding their bikes into the box, and Daryl even took on Griff today in the 10# vest!

Just a reminder that if you are planning on training for a specific event (marathon, triathlon and the like) and need some help with programing, be sure and talk to one of the coaches so we can get you performing and training at your best.

(RUNNING) We are going to start posting weekly running workouts twice a week  on the CrossFit IoTA website as well as at the box, for you to do on your own or at CrossFit IoTA.  Please talk to Paul about how to program/fit these WOD’s into your week and training schedule so that you continue to train at the highest and most effective levels.  Once the weather becomes more consistent, we will be holding these running workouts as a class/group/team most likely on Wednesday nights.  Once these group runs start, they will also include some run technique instruction as well.
(CYCLING) For those who cycle, when the weather gets better, we will be doing Tuesday and Thursday night rides.  Please let us know if you are interested in riding with us so we can keep you in the loop.
(SWIMMING) Last but not least if you’re interested in swimming and would like to get some swimming in, we meet on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 5am at the Smithfield rec center. Anyone is welcome to come drop in for a swim WOD!  Don’t be nervous… we’re all there to get better and I’ve been amazed at how much my swimming has improved since I started back in November.

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