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Be Careful out there!

September 1, 2010

With Lotoja on our doorstep I thought this was some timely advice by a good friends from Joy Ride Bikes.  Thanks Kory!

Be careful out there! by Joyride Bikes

As I write this I’m thinking of two cyclists I have known for a long time. Both of these individuals are experienced riders with thousands of miles and hundreds on hours on the saddle. Both of them were recently hit by cars and made trips to the hospital. I wish both of them a full and speedy recovery.

This thought along with the passing of Laurent Fignon has me in a somber mood. Each year there are thousands of bicycle/automobile accidents. The exact number is unknown because these accidents are very under reported. Some of the accidents result in serious injury and death.

We all know the rules and the risks. We all ride and eventually settle into a comfort zone and feeling of security. As motorists we feel rushed and don’t fully comprehend the constant changing landscape of risks. Lack of attention on either end result in accidents. As riders, let’s be hyper vigilant. Help those in your pack. That might include not running a light or shooting a gap that may tempt others to do the same. For those driving, get off the phone. Pay attention to the task and responsibility at hand.

With schools back in and the University at full swing, the chance for conflict is greater than ever. In the end we are all people who ultimately want to go home safely after our ride at the end of the day.

Here’s a link that has some common ideas to help safety:

Be careful out there riding and driving. The person riding the bike will lose in a collision with a car and is probably a friend of mine.

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