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Race Week Top of Utah Half – Week 7 Lotoja

August 23, 2010

It’s race week for all those who will be running the Top of Utah Half.  This week we will be posting each day the workouts you should be doing each day.  This week has been designed to get you primed and ready to compete at perform at your best.  Additionally get plenty of rest, hydrate and fuel well.

MONDAY: 3 rounds x 5rep Deadlift, then 1 rep to find your 1 rep max.  Each round the weight should increase.  This workout is NOT for time, it is for max load.

We are in week 7 of the Lotoja training schedule.  This cycling workout should be done  3-4 hours after your CrossFit WOD.   Need more info on programing, look here.

CYCLING: 4min on, 2min off, 5min on, 2min off, 6min on, 2min off, 5min on, 2min off, 4min on Done! Cover as Much Distance as Possible on Each Interval.

Congrats to Tandy for setting a 1 rep max PR and box record by deadlifting 315#’s as he heads into his race week prep for the Top of Utah Half Marathon!

Tandy Olsen - 315# deadlift

ARTICLE of the DAY: I got a good laugh from this article that talks about regular gyms and a CrossFit gyms. Click here to read.

“Life is what you make, make it a good one.” -unknown

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