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Hyrdation – Don’t let this be the reason you fail on race day

July 13, 2010
SweatingProper hydration prior to, during and after endurance sports competitions is critical for optimal performance as well as recovery from extended endurance exercise. Research has demonstrated that a reduction in body weight of only a few pounds (1-2% of your body weight) has a detrimental effect on endurance athletic performance.  For example, if you are a 150 pound athlete and lose 3 pounds you have lost 2% of your weight due to fluid loss.  It is equally important not to over hydrate.  The purpose of this article is to assist endurance athletes to determine the optimal hydration strategy for races and training.
Your body has three mechanisms for cooling:Conduction: The body loses a small amount of heat when the skin contacts a surface with a lower temperature (i.e., when resting on a cold ground).

Radiation: The body loses heat due to infrared rays, similar to the sun heating the earth (heat transfer without touching). The skins temperature must be higher than the environment for this method to work.

Convection and/or evaporation: The body loses heat when in contact with water or air molecules. When the environmental temperature rises, the primary mechanism for cooling the body is through sweating and evaporation.

Check out the video of CrossFit Endurance Coach B Mac explaining the topic further.  Click here. (we recommend that you watch this without your children present as he chooses to use some foul language, but what he teaches is worthwhile.)

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