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Week 1 – Top of Utah Marathon (Half) Training

July 12, 2010

3x – 1000m w/2 min rest between rounds holding best possible pace in each round.

This WOD should be done 3-4 hours before/after your CrossFit WOD.

All training progressions on IoTA Endurance from now thru August 28th will be programmed for those of you who are preparing for the Top of Utah Half Marathon.  If you’re training for the full or perhaps another event (ie the Bear Lake Brawl), let me know and I will be happy to put a program together for you as well.

You programming should be as follows;

CrossFit four times per week (no more than 3 in a row and preferably 2 x 2).  If you need CrossFit WOD’s that are compatible with this Endurance training look here.

One double workout day which includes a CrossFit and a CrossFit Endurance workout in the same day (the double workout day should be prior to one of your rest days)

One CrossFit Endurance workout only day.  These workouts will be tempo/time trial type workouts.

Two non-consecutive rest days.

EXAMPLE: Sun. – OFF / Mon. – CF / Tues. – CF & CFE / Wed. – OFF / Thur. – CF / Fri. – CF / Sat. – CFE

If you need any additional help putting together this training schedule, please call, e-mail or stop by.  I’ll be happy to explain this program in its entirety.  

“Heroes and cowards feel exactly the same fear. Heroes just react to it differently.”
 Cus D’Amato, boxing trainer


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