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This week

June 27, 2010

Hello all – This will be my only post this week as I will be at summer camp all week, but I will return with all of my regular goodness and excitement next week.  So here are the WOD’s for this week!

On your CrossFit Rest Day

Choose One of the following sports and cover as much distance as possible.

Swim: 8min
Bike: 15min
Run: SC: 10min. LC: 12min. U: 15min
C2: 8min

3+ Hours After  CrossFit WOD

Choose ONE of the following sports

Swim: SC: 3x300m Repeats hold within 15-20sec, Rest 45-60sec between Repeats. LC:2x700m Repeats hold within 30-45 sec, Rest 60sec between Repeats  U:3x700m Repeats hold within 60-90sec, Rest 1-2min Between Repeats

Bike:SC:3×5 mile Repeats hold within 30-60sec, Rest 30-60sec Between Repeats/ LC:2x10mile Repeats Hold Within 1-2min,Rest 2-3min Bewtween Repeats / U: 3x10mile Repeats Hold within 1-2min, Rest 4-8min Between Repeats

Run: SC: 3x1mile Repeats hold within 5-10sec, Rest 1-3min Between Repeats/ LC:2x5k Repeats, hold within 1-2min, Rest 5-10min between repeats/ U:3x5k repeats, hold Repeats witihin 2-3min, Rest 5-15min Between Repeats.

C2:SC:3x 1000m Repeats hold within 3-5 sec, Rest 20-40sec Between Repeats/  LC:2x1800m Repeats hold within 5-10sec,Rest 30-60sec Between repeats / U:3x1800m Repeats hold within 10-15sec, Rest 1-2min Between Repeats


“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning,
but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
– Maria Robinson

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