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Take control of your diet

May 25, 2010

The key to long-term health and fat loss is being consistently good with your nutrition. Many people know this, yet they struggle to find the motivation to consistently eat healthy. This causes people to fluctuate between eating right and going through periods of sabotage. Fortunately, there is something you can do.

When it comes to eating healthy and consistently sticking to your nutritional program, whether at home, work, or school, it’s up to you to be prepared for whatever the situation.

If there is a lot of junk food sitting around, we will feel tempted and probably eat some. Look around your house and see what you have available to you, If you are serious about your nutrition, why would you have junk food around the house? The truth is that problems attributed to a lack of willpower generally have very little to do with willpower and are actually related to your environment. In other words, the better your preparation, the greater your willpower. “It is for the kids” isn’t an excuse either. By not having junk food around the house, you prepare yourself by not having the opportunity to make poor nutritional choices.

This is easier to do if you spend most of your time at home, but it can be done almost anywhere. Preparation takes effort, but this relatively small amount of effort results in always having something healthy to eat, so you never decide what to eat while hungry. People typically make unhealthy food choices when they are hungry or having food cravings. If you didn’t bring healthy foods to work, you are less likely to stick to your nutritional program.

You have the ability to create an environment that will help you succeed, but you have to take an active role in planning your day and not just react to different situations. When it comes down to it, you are responsible for how you plan your day as well as the choices you make during the day. (courtesy of Anaerobic Inc.)

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