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Good Luck Barbara!!

May 14, 2010

Barbara will be running a Half Marathon with a few of her children this weekend and we wish her all the best for this upcoming race.  She has worked hard and has really been doing great with her running workouts and skill work!

Also we’d like to wish good Luck to Kevin Norman and Brett Brunson who will be running a 5k at the Trapper Trails Centennial Jamborall on Saturday.  Show your Scouts how its done boys!!

“However our body may look, whether it pleases us or not, we get only one, and it lasts a lifetime… And the quality of that lifetime will parallel the quality of our body… During our life, with all it’s cycles, we will say good-buy to friends & loved ones, we will lose homes, cars, and money; we may even shift beliefs & values. But our body, loyal to the end will stick with us for life – guaranteed. When this truth penetrates fully, we begin to take good care of our “best friend” – No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman

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