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Week of May 3rd – Endurance WOD

May 3, 2010

As a number of you are getting ready for Ragnar (aka Wasatch Back) it’s time to hit the hills!  Even if you’re not prepping for a race and have been working with me for a while now, we’ll still be doing hills.  Let’s meet at the bottom of oldmain hill and run on the grass.

10x 30sec Hill Sprints, All out Efforts. 30sec rest at top before descending hill easy, “walk if needed”. Rest 1min at the bottom of the hill before the next sprint.

New members your wod this week will be 200m-400m-200m-400m w/2 min rest between rounds.

“The world owes you nothing. You have to work and compete.
If you want to be special, you’ll have to prove it!”

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  1. Kelly Kopp permalink
    May 3, 2010 9:34 am

    Great news! I have been meaning to ask you about hills, both running up and down, since I’ve got some really steep legs of the Wasatch Back in my near future. See you at the bottom of the hill! 🙂

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