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Week of April 26th Results

May 1, 2010

WOD – 10x – 100m – 90seconds rest between rounds

USU OUTDOOR TRACK (results shown are in seconds)
Anna – 14/14/14/15/17/16/14/15/15/15
Ashton – 15/14/14/14/15/15/14/15/15/15

Katie – 20/21/20/21/21/20/21/22/22/20
Tami – 15/16/16/17/17/17/17/18/17/16
Stacey F. – 20/18/19/19/19/19/19/19/19/19
Kelly – 19/19/19/18/19/18/18/18/18/18
Benson – 16/15/15/16/16/16/17/18/18/17

Barbara was back from a vacation this week (congrats on the new grand babie) so she did 4×200 w/2min rest between rounds 1:02 / 1:04 / 1:02 / 1:00

Evette joined the team this week and ran a half mile TT in 4:48

Well done this week everyone!! We’ll see you next week.

CrossFit is both a Genral Preparedness Program (GPP) and a Sport. Here is a video featuring Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit as he explains what make CrossFit the best GPP and Sports strength and conditioning program. [wmv] [mov]

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