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Static vs Dynamic streching

April 1, 2010

Here is some research on static stretching vs dynamic stretching as it relates to sprint performance.  The aim of this study was thus to assess direct effects of dynamic and static stretching warm-up exercises on running performance of trained and untrained, young male and female subjects.  I thought that their findings where interesting and if you would like to see what the study uncovered, you can read it here. 

Summing up, male subjects differing in running abilities attained better results when the sprints were preceded by warm-ups consisting of dynamic than static exercises irrespectively of their training status. No such difference was noted for female subjects. This may suggest that male subjects should rather reduce static stretching exercises before speed-shaping tasks and replace them by the dynamic ones. No clear recommendations can be, however, formulated for female subjects. 

Applying this study, which focuses completely on sprinting,  to more than just running… we should always take part is a dynamic warm up before a workout!

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