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Workout Results – March 15th

March 20, 2010

For those of you running and not doing your race prep workouts, this weeks workout was – 30:15 x 8 rounds, 30 seconds on 15 seconds off, all out efforts! Your score will be the amount of distance you cover, you must stop and start each interval from the same place.

Ashton covered 1400m
Jodi covered 1100m
Stacey B. covered 1150m
Tami covered 1275m
Deena covered 1400m
Tanya covered 1500m – also this week she did a 15 min time trial on her treadmill and covered 2.26 miles!

Katie did the wod at the box (50-squats 400m run 50-dbl 800m run 50-dbl 400m run 50-squats) with coach Paul watching and running with her during the run.  She finished the wod in 17:52.  The greatest moment for me came when we where out for the last 400m run and Katie asked if we could stop and rest.  I of coarse said “NO”, we kept on going and she finished stong!!

Anna and Amy where in race week and they both did some great work.  Anna set a new 1 rep max deadlift by getting 255# off the ground.  Amy completed 8 rounds + the pull-ups and push ups doing 15 min of Cindy.  She was well on her way to a PR had she finished the full 20 min.  I’m looking forward to a full report from both of them on how their half went today.

Benson joined the team this week with a 1 mile time trial time of 8:20.

I am proud of all of you for the time and effort you put into making yourself better runners, athletes and people by taking control of your fitness. It’s inspiring! Keep up the great work.

I just saw this on the CrossFit main site and wanted to share….

John Sullivan – “The CrossFit Congressman” and “A Vote for CrossFit

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