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Why soy is not a health food.

March 16, 2010

Tofu and Soy based products are something I’ve been considering and looking up info on.  There is a glut of both good and bad infomation out there and as athletes we must question everything and then decide for ourselves.

I found a video about soy/tofu here and thought it was worth considering.  I know some of you may disagree with Dr. Mercola, however in this video he explains why there are better sources of protein than soy and that is really what my point is, there are better sources of protein than soy.

Still want more…look at what at what Mark had to say on his site, Mark’s Daily Apple, in his post 10 things to know about tofu.  In my opinion he really hit the nail on the head here…”I think controversial foods become so because we simply expect far too much. We learn about a possible benefit, and before you know it, food manufacturers are adding soy protein to lollipops. When you stick to fresh, unprocessed, organic, whole foods, 99% of nutrition and health worries simply disappear.”

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