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It’s all in your mind…

March 10, 2010

Has your confidence been dipping lately? Have you been in a funk that you can’t find your way out? Are you beginning to expect the bounces and calls to ALWAYS go against you? Do you look at an opponent and wonder “how am I going to keep up today?” Are you seeing the glass as half empty?

You may be suffering from what we call a self-fulfilling prophecy – you are getting what you are expecting to happen – bad things. Maybe you have had a bad run lately and you are not as confident as usual. But why limit your chances of performing well and winning? Keep reading here…

I’d like to offer up a little thought I read the other day… “It has taken you many years to get out of shape, do not expect a quick return to health. Often it is exactly proportional to how long you’ve been out of shape to how long it takes you to return to optimal fitness.”
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