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Weekly Workout – March 1st

March 1, 2010

This weeks workout is….DEATH BY 10 METERS!!

Run 10 meters on the min, every minute. Add 10 meters each minute. This should be done in the following manner; Set up 2 cones 10 meters a part.  Add one return trip each minute on the minute… So you are to add 10 meters each round until you can no longer continue (ie you do not complete the required number of 10m intervals in the correct time).  Your score will be the number of intervals that you complete.

As with all workouts we always have a scaled version or a workout that is more applicable for your training needs.  Therefore, some of you will be doing this workout… 40:20×5

5 rounds of 40 seconds on, 20 seconds off at all out effort.  Your score will be the amount of distance that you cover during the 5 intervals.

Not an IoTA client and you want to experience “Death by 10m”?  Come up to the Nelson Fieldhouse on the USU Campus at 7am on Thursday March 4th and do this with us free of charge (“free” does not include $5.00 to get into the Field House without a USU I.D.).  Bring a friend and come and see what you think. The first workout is on us!

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