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February 19, 2010

This is something I’ve been considering for a while now.  If we are honest, everyone of us who takes the time to workout in any form cares about their health and well being.  We are all pursuing excellence by working out whether by design or by default.  Even those who say “I just want to be in better shape” or “I don’t compete, I’m just doing this for myself”, have come to the gym because they want to be better, stronger, faster… in essence excellent.  Be proud of the progress your are making and that you are willing to put the time in to better yourself.

To this end I found two articles that where inspiring posts on a blog called “The art of non-conformity.”  The author Chris shares some very insightful thought and strategies about “How to be Awesome” and “Personal Responsibility and Showing Up.”  Both of these posts where inspiring! 

 We need to persue excellence in what ever we do.  Strive to be better today, then we where yesterday.  Show up and put your best efforts into what ever you do.  Take control of your life and stop letting it control you.

‘Failure is the path of least persistence.’ – Anonymous

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