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Are squats bad for your Knees?

February 8, 2010

Squatting deep is bad for your knees….” You’ve heard that before and it’s true!Squatting deep is bad for your knees if you don’t Squat with proper technique.

The truth is that Squats are a good indicator of health. If your knees hurt you’re Squatting incorrectly or something prevents you to Squat correctly. Here are 10 tips to stop your knees from popping and cracking.

1. Strengthen your knees
2. Squat correctly
3. Warm up
4. Improve hip mobility
5. Improve ankel mobility
6. Glute activation
7. Soft tissue work
8. Learn to jump
9. Eat healthy
10. Stop doing what hurts

In this article Mehdi, the author and founder of , talks about 10 things that you can do that will stop you knees from cracking and popping.  You can read the complete article here.

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