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The Top 5 Myths of Sports Hydration – by:Cheryle Hart, M.D.

February 2, 2010

I found this great article about hydration and thought you may all like to check it out.  Here are the 5 points that are discussed.

Myth #1: Water is Water. I can drink any water to get hydrated.
Myth #2: I can tell when I’m dehydrated because I get thirsty.
Myth #3: Sports drinks are the best source of electrolytes and hydration for athletes.
Myth #4: For athletes, what you eat is more important than what you drink in terms of sports performance.
Myth #5: I can take mineral supplements to replace the minerals that I lose when I sweat during exercise.

You can read all of the information from this article here.

This water was available at the Crossfit Endurance Certification I attended in 2009 and So I was able to drink some there.  One thing I did like was that it did not taste like typical bottled water, but could I tell a difference?  I can’t say that consuming 8 of the smaller bottles over the course of 2 days made me feel any different. However, Aquahydrate  advises that you drink the water exclusively (2L a day) for one week to see if you experience better hydration.

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