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Brief, Intense Exercise Can Benefit The Heart

February 1, 2010

The findings in this study support the idea that people can exercise using brief, high-intensity forms of exercise and reap the same benefits to cardiovascular health that can be derived from traditional, long-duration and moderately intense exercise.

As you know the idea of brief, high intensity workouts are what we subscribe too and this study validates the health benifits that are gained from this type of training.  Read the complete article here.

I found this while reading CrossFit Ramstien’s blog and couldn’t agree more.  It really hit me and is EXACTLY the way I feel about CrossFit, the box I work out at, and the people who I work out with.  “Infectious. CrossFit is infectious. Never before have we seen a program that pierces one’s mind, body, and heart such as CrossFit has. Once you acquire the infection, you are lost. Lost in the world of functional fitness, unyielding community support, and the tireless drive for excellence. And not just in the gym—the infection transcends the boundaries of the box. It reaches previously unfathomable levels of confidence, consciousness, and calling. Melodramatic you may say? Nah…simply passionate.”


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