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Eating right….getting started

January 31, 2010

The following outlines in very simple terms the basic concepts that will help you take the first steps towards eating better for your health.  I believe that this genral information is both helpful and applicable for a vast majority of individuals. This article is not a list of healthy foods, however there is a sample menu listed below. This does not mean that this sample menu is anywhere near a comprehensive list of foods that are healthy, but as noted in the title, it will help you get started.

Without going into much detail we can boil high-quality nutrition down to 7 basic categories:
1- Vegetables – Source of carbohydrate.
2- Fruits – Source of carbohydrate.
3- Beans – Source of carbohydrate. (please note that this is not Paleo for those looking to stay strict to the Paleo Diet)
4- Meats – Source of protein.
5- Fish – Source of protein.
6- Nuts – Source of fat.
7- Seeds – Source of fat.
8- Oils – Source of fat.

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