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Chronic Cardio

January 27, 2010

Since I have started training CrossFit Endurance, I’ve been asked a number of times (and I’m sure it will be countless it not to much time at all) how the limited training that we prescribe can prepare me for a marathon, or triathlon.  The simple answer is we replace volume (the Long Slow Distance  training you’ve been doing) with intensity.  Through personal experience I can tell you that it works!!  If you have experienced LSD training, let’s get together and discuss what we have to offer.  You can be an endurance athlete and get your life back too.

Still need some additional reading, here is a post from Mark’s Daily Apple about chronic cardio as well as the follow up to this first post. He says “In our cardio addicted culture, it can sound too good – too simple – to be true.  But the science and the research is there, folks. Short “interval” exercise, like sprints or strength training, can offer the same fitness benefits (and then some) compared with traditional endurance training.” 

Still need more? Read what Olympic athletes, Ironman competitors, and marathon runners have to say here. I’ve also got some additional information coming on this topic in February, so stay tuned….

The bottom line is, that with progression, you should CrossFit 4-6 times per week, with little to no scaling. The most successful athletes will be able to follow a 3:1 CrossFit/Strength and conditioning cycle. Single sport athletes should only be doing endurance workouts 2-3 times a week on top of their regular CrossFit wod’s. Typically, 1 cycle, which is 1 interval, 1 tempo/stamina workout, and 1 more interval workout… This should be spaced accordingly throughout the week.  Multisport athletes should train no more than 2 workouts per week per sport. PERIOD! Follow anything else and you are not following CrossFit Endurance. Yes we know this is contrary to what everyone else is telling you… We aren’t everyone.


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