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The Pursuit of Excellence

January 24, 2010

Even with skilled coaches and/or an amazing training program to follow each day, it takes a great deal of personal responsibility and drive to achieve “Elite Fitness”.
Here are some questions to ask yourself in determining how much effort you “truly” put into your health and fitness.

– Do I set goals for myself and write them down?
– Do I record my workouts in a training log after each session?
– Do I look into the training log before each workout so I know what I did last time and what I need to beat/where I can improve?
– Do I map out a game plan for my goals or are they just pie in the shy wishs?
– Do I come early to practice the things that I suck at?
– Do I stay a little later after each wod to work on other things I suck at?
– Do I ice my body after workouts (especially when it hurts)?
– Do I educate myself on the brand of fitness?
– Do I listen to and apply the with thought the the coaching cues my trainers drill into my head?
– Do I drink tons of water all through the day?
– Do I only eat natural, un-processed, un-refined foods. ( Meats, Veggies, Fruits, Nuts, and Seeds)
– Do I eat within 1 hour of waking up everyday?
– Do I eat no later than an hour after each one of my training sessions and make sure its got a good amount of carbs in it?
– Do I try my very best every time I train?

How many of these questions can you truly answer yes to? I mean truly as in you follow out these principles in your life everyday. These aren’t the only questions that need to be asked, but the answers to these are a huge testament to why you are, or why you are not getting as fit as you dream or think you should be. The fittest people in our program are this way because they spend their days pursuing excellence!

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